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Psalms Series: Audio and Text Available

August 30, 2011

For those who may have missed a Sunday this summer, or want to review, or perhaps live or worship elsewhere (even some place far from Boston), the audio for our summer series at Westgate Church, “Walking with God in the Meantime: The Christian Life through the Lens of the Psalms,” is available here.  Unfortunately, there were a handful of weeks where we experienced technological woes, and so a few of the sermons are missing.  I have however uploaded a copy of the manuscript for each sermon from the series (whether there is accompanying audio or not).  Most of these can be found at the bottom of their respective blog post (follow the links below).  Otherwise, you can find the manuscripts below (those marked with an * are available in text only).

Psalm 1: The Way of the Word and the Blessing of God (5.22.11): Psalm 1 Westgate 5.22.11

Psalm 2: The Reign of the Son and the Blessing of God (5.29.11): Psalm 2 Westgate 5.29.11

Psalm 8: The Glory of God and the Calling of Man (6.5.11): Psalm 8 Westgate 6.5.11

Psalm 9: The Justice of God and the Gratitude of his People (6.12.11): Psalm 9 Westgate 6.12.11

Psalm 10: The Justice of God and the Frustration of his People (6:19.11)*: Psalm 10 Westgate 6.19.10

Psalm 15: The Holiness of God in the Presence of his People (7.10.11)*

Psalm 16: The Sufficiency of God in a Decaying World (7.17.11)

Psalm 23: If You Have the Shepherd, You Have Everything (7.24.11)

Psalm 27: A Shelter in the Day of Trouble (7.31.11)*

Psalm 32: When Sin is Bitter, Christ is Sweet (8.7.11)*

Psalm 33: Praise Befits the Upright (8.14.11)

Psalm 36: An Uncommon Love (8.21.11)

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  1. Mabel Ellis permalink
    September 11, 2011 11:52 am

    Thank you so very much for providing your teaching to those of us who have been in and out of town through the summer. I have enjoyed listening and now will also read through the sermons that I have missed or want to study more thoroughly. I wonder if you will also provide the text of your teaching on the gospel at Sandy Island which I have had to miss as well? Thank you for making all this available as well as your perspectives and thoughts on your blog. I am one of your silent readers.

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